Discover the Keys to Becoming Wealthy In 2021

LEILMALL stands for Life Evergreen International LLC Mall.
LEILMALL is a multinational conglomerate of businesses registered in the U.S state of Delaware with file no: 7852153.

Nigeria office is located at Noclink plaza 41 New Market Road Onitsha, Anambra State.

LEILMALL reward her affiliates/members from services (Eklinic telemedicine consulting), product (products purchase & repurchases) and from other avenues once registered.

LEILMALL has a road-map that cut across virtually all sectors thus: Healthy living products such as Rosecell+ (A 5000mg Stemcell that regenerate new cell for dead ones & restore the weaker ones). Youth+ (A 5000mg reversing ageing product, equivalent to 688 glasses of red wine). Core Man-power that boast libido in men and women, Trim&Burn green coffee that remove toxic substamces in the body and give good shape to the user, amongst others.

SHOPPING: LEILMALL website offers you the opportunity to refer a friend to buy products and you get a reward for referring the person. without hawking or carrying product about.

HEALTH SYSTEMS: Eklinic Telemedicine is a 24/7 online medical consultation system powered by LEILMALL.

EKLINIC is one of the flagship products of LEILMALL, it’s a member of the International Society of Telemedicine and eHealth (First and only member from Nigeria) Under Eklinic, one can get #60,000 or #85,000 just by referring a patient to save his/her life.

Social Media with P2P payment System: LEILMALL social media platform called Afroid ( give user opportunity to earn as you surf the social media. ( )

SMART SOLUTIONS: LEILMALL has advanced products that cut cost and maximize healthy living such as Air Fryer can fry without the use of oil to avoid cholesterol that causes cardiac arrest (heart attack) and strokes.

ELECTRONICS: LEILMALL has powerful gadgets which are unique that can stand in the taste of time such as an Unbreakable screen system you can divide into eight parts and use simultaneously as TV, computer, writing board, phones etc.

AGRICULTURE: LEILMALL uses improved seedlings and green-house technology in her agriculture projects. The project has 3 categories: Farm-4-Me, Farm-By-Myself & Partnership with lots of species of crops such as pepper, tomatoes, cucumber,, orange seedling that can start producing fruits after 3 years amongst others.

BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY (Afroidcoid) LEILMALL shall introduce her coin which can be used as means of exchange of goods and services in all the LEILMALL powered investments at a lower rate over Fiat money by end of 2021/early 2022.

LEILMALL Rewards/Pays her Affiliates/ members from many sources thus

1. System sign up
2. Products purchase and repurchases.
3. Medical Consultations from Eklinic amongst others.

LEILMALL has a daily, weekly, monthly quarterly payout plan for her affiliates members and redistributes 10% of global profits to all existing members.

LEILMALL offers you the opportunity to earn millions.

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